EC Regulation 561/2006 in respect of road transport by vehicles designed to carry passengers.

According to the local regulations (Reg.EC 561/2006), the drivers involved in the execution of the rental services have to follow without expectation, otherwise heavy penalties against both the worker and the company, the following rules established by the articles 6, 7 and 8 of Chapter II of the said Regulation, as regards the periods of rest, daily and weekly rests, daily, weekly and bi-weekly driving hours.


1) DRIVING TIME: 9 driving daily hours; 10 driving daily hours twice a week; – at most 56 driving hours a week (4 days 9 hours + 2 days 10 hours); – during two weeks at most 90 driving hours.

2) REST DURING THE PERIOD OF 4. 30 DRIVING HOURS Rest of 45 minutes after 4 hours and 30 minutes of driving, or two breaks at least 15+30 minutes, within 4 hours and 30 minutes of driving. Warning: the second break must be made of at least 30 minutes even if the first has lasted more than 15 minutes.

3) REST DAY (NIGHT) A regular rest: 11 consecutive and uninterrupted hours or two uninterrupted periods of 3 + 9 hours; – a smaller rest: three times a week may be less than 11 hours but never less than 9 hours.

4) WEEKLY REST – AFTER 6 PERIODS OF 24 HOURS (6 WORKING DAYS) Rest of regular type: equal to uninterrupted 45 hours, – a low rest type: minimum 24 hours, within three weeks of making the recovery that involves an extension of 10 hours of a weekly or daily rest period.

5) DAILY AVAILABILITY OF THE DRIVER (OPERATIVE TAPE) it being understood that the daily driver hours must be respected as referred to point 1), the maximum daily commitment of the driver is 15 hours provided that in the same 15 hours the driver rests at least 3 consecutive hours.